Boston Web Developer, Adam Fehnel

Alright, here's the scoop. I'm pretty tall.

Kinda tall
Taller than Yoda

Don't get me wrong, being six foot eight has its advantages (if I had a nickel for every "could you reach that?", I wouldn't be making websites) but sometimes I think people are actually intimidated by my monstrous height. I had a boss that told me after the interview, "We were afraid NOT to hire you." As hilarious and awesome that might be, it's also kind of depressing because I think I'm one of the people least likely to go on a rampage after a bad interview. Stop your prejudices, short people! We're not all The Hulk.

Flying coach seriously blows though.

The early years

I grew up in Vermont, which is convenient because Vermont just so happens to be one of the best places on earth. High school life sucked, but didn't everyone's?. Luckily I was accepted to the Computer Animation and Web Design program at CTE my senior year, which drastically changed the course of my life. Prior to that I was content with not going to college and making minimum wage but after I found the joy of web design I knew there was no turning back. Special thanks to Matt Cronin, Steven Herr and Tom Preska for helping me find my true calling.

College life

Because I didn't plan on going to college until half way through my senior year and hadn't done any school searching, I chose The New England Institute of Art on a whim. Moving to Boston was a big change for me but I adapted to the hustle of city life and matured quickly. Thankfully NEIA turned out to be pretty great. My degree, a B.S. in Interactive Media Design, focused on web design, development and similar topics like Flash and video editing. The professors were great and the fact that they were required to be active in their field helped us students get the most up to date information. Michelle Yaiser, Bob Griffin, Chris Florio and Melissa Daley among others helped me thrive and succeed.


After college and my internship at Brodeur/Partners I jumped around between freelance and a few contract jobs before settling down at Putnam Investments. There I work with a team of highly talented individuals to maintain and further develop Putnam's sites. Specifically, I'm responsible for front-end development, production work and prototyping new ideas. It's a full time gig but in my free time I do freelance work for clients needing modest sites on reasonable deadlines/budgets. This keeps my life varied and interesting and my skills honed.

If you're interested, check out my Work page to see the stuff I've done.